Best Golf Club Sets For Tall Beginners


1. Callaway Golf Men\’s Strata Complete Set (Best Overall)

Callaway Men\’s Strata Complete Golf Set, Right Handed, Standard Length, Steel Shafts. The Callaway Men\’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set features a men\’s driver with an oversized club head to ensure you have a more prominent clubface for impact. Other clubs in the set also have clubs that are proper for your game and allow you to hit off the tee or fairway without any trouble. This complete golf set includes a 3-wood, 4-iron through 9-iron, 5 wood hybrid with graphite shafts and steel shafts.

2. Precise M5 Men\’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set (For Tall Men)

The Precise M5 men\’s club set is designed with three woods, four hybrids, irons 5-9, and a putter. It\’s available for both right handed and left handed golfers. All the clubs in this set are made of stainless steel. The new look and style greatly appeals to the golfers. This set comes with a 460cc driver that gives you the most forgiving feel along with extensive distance control. The hybrid clubs are ideal for players who want to hit long shots without sacrificing any accuracy or distance control.

If you are a tall man who wants to try golf, then this is the right product for you. This complete set of men\’s golf clubs is designed with taller men in mind. The driver has 460 cc clubhead and the 5-wood has a 400 cc head. Both heads are made of aluminium which makes them lightweight but very strong. The shafts are made of graphite which provides excellent flexibility and distance in each shot.

The putter is also designed with taller men in mind as it comes with mallet headcover that will help you make accurate strokes

3. Callaway Women\’s Strata Complete Golf Set (For ladies)

Callaway Women\’s Strata Complete Golf Set (For ladies) is a complete set of golf club for women that comes with everything you need to hit the links. The driver, 5-wood, 7 and 9-irons, and a mallet putter are made with lightweight aluminium materials for optimal performance. The driver has 460cc head size with graphite shaft material for maximum distance in every shot. The 3-wood has an adjustable hosel length to fit your swing speed. A stand bag is included with this set to make it easy for you to transport all

4. Callaway Unisex\’s Edge 10 Piece Golf Set

Callaway’s Edge 10-piece set is the perfect introduction to the game of golf. This lightweight, portable and durable set has everything you need for an enjoyable round of 18 holes. The driver features a 450 cc head with a graphite shaft that delivers great distance and accuracy. A 3-wood, 5-hybrid, 6-9 cavity back irons, pitching wedge and sand wedge are all made from forged aluminium which makes them extremely lightweight while still providing superior performance. The putter comes with odyssey white hot Pro grip which provides excellent feel and control

Best Golf Club Sets For Tall Beginners

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