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Callaway Supersoft Max Golf Balls are specially designed for players with average swing speeds. They’re an ideal all-round performer on both the course and the range, delivering consistent distance and soft feel from tee to green. These balls feature a large dimple pattern which helps deliver more control around the greens as well as more stable ball flight off the driver for increased accuracy. The Callaway Supersoft Max golf balls are available in packs of three or six balls, so you can choose how many you need depending on your next game or practice


TaylorMade R1 Driver is the best driver on the market. The new technology of this golf ball gives you a better flight and more distance than ever before.

The dimples on this golf ball are shallower U-shaped dimples that decrease drag and increase lift, giving you a strong, true flight even in windy conditions. This helps you get a higher launch angle for longer drives and less slices off the tee. It also has a thinner cover to give it an incredibly soft feel around the greens so your putts will be more accurate.

3.MIZUNO RB566 Best Golf Ball For Slow Swing Speed

The RB566 is the most popular ball in the Mizuno line. This ball is designed for golfers with mid to low swing speeds who are looking for extra hang time. The RB566 features a high-energy core that offers optimal distance and control around the green, while its soft cover provides exceptional feel and playability. If you\’re looking for a durable, tour-level ball that will provide you with outstanding performance on all types of courses, then look no further than the RB566!


The new Titleist Tour Soft golf ball delivers impressive distance on full swings, while its softer cover provides a softer feel on short shots. The Tour Soft also features a new bright white finish that makes it more visible in the air and on the ground. These improvements make this ball ideal for players who want to maximize their distance without sacrificing feel or visibility.

5.HONMA TW-S Best Golf Ball For Slow Swing Speed

The HONMA TW-S is a golf ball that has been designed to suit golfers with swing speeds of around 85mph. It has a very soft feel on the greens and is particularly good in windy conditions. The cover of this ball is made from thin, high strength urethane material which enhances its durability, whilst also allowing it to travel further through the air. The core of this ball uses two layers of different density materials which are positioned at different angles to each other, resulting in excellent distance control when you strike the centre or heel areas of the ball


Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls:

The Srixon Soft Feel golf ball is the 12th generation of this popular model. The new and improved cover technology offers a softer feel with more control around the greens, while an optimized dimple design provides increased distance off the tee for long, straight drives. This high-performance ball has been designed to provide maximum playability in all conditions and will be a great choice for every skill level.The Srixon Soft Feel will give you more confidence on every shot, for longer!

7.INESIS SOFT 500 Best Golf Ball For Slow Swing Speed

The Inesis Soft 500 is a golf ball with a compression rating of 84. This makes it an ideal option for slower swingers, who may struggle to create the energy transfer required to hit harder balls. The softness also helps improve distance and accuracy, making it suitable for high handicappers and beginners. The ball has been designed with a low spin rate, which means that your shots will be less affected by wind or any other external factors when they leave the club face. This allows you to take advantage of the greater distance and control that this ball offers without having to worry

8.PINNACLE SOFT Best Golf Ball For Slow Swing Speed


The Pinnacle Soft golf ball is designed for maximum distance off the tee and long irons. The softer cover formulation provides a higher initial velocity with less spin off the driver which promotes longer carry distances. This performance blend of polybutadiene and polyurethane offers a soft feel, high energy transfer and exceptional durability. It also features a 3-piece construction that combines a solid core with a thin mantle layer to produce both high launch angle and low spin off the driver. The result is increased distance from both irons and woods

9.VICE DRIVE Best Golf Ball For Slow Swing Speed


The VICE DRIVE is the perfect combination of distance and control for golfers with slower swing speeds. This ball’s soft feel, low spin and long flight will help you take your game to the next level. The Tour Performance Core™ helps maximize distance while minimizing spin for incredible consistency. A cut-resistant Surlyn® cover promises excellent durability, so you can play Vice Drive as often as you like without worrying about it losing its shape or performance over time.


The Callaway Supersoft Magna Golf Ball is the ideal all-round performer for average swing speeds. It\’s designed with a higher centre of gravity and MOI to help you find more potential forgiveness, but also offers an impressive combination of spin and feel for accurate play around the green. The Supersoft provides excellent control, especially on approach shots from the fairway. And it has low driver spin for longer carry distance. If you\’re looking for one ball that can do it all, look no further than the Callaway

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