If you’re a golfer with high handicaps, you may be looking for the best golf ball to improve your game. It can be difficult to identify which balls will work best for your specific needs since there are so many options available on the market these days. We have conducted extensive research and narrowed down our list of top Best Golf Ball For High Handicapers picks based on category type (distance, spin rate, etc.), brand name, or price point. Check out this blog post if you want more information about Best Golf Ball For High Handicapers


TITLEIST TRUFEEL golf balls feature a soft, fast core surrounded by a softer cover for more distance and control. The most durable ball in its category, it offers excellent performance on full iron shots and is the least expensive option from golf’s premier ball brand. It is available in multiple colors so you can match your style to your game.


The Callaway Soft Triple Track Golf Ball is a premium soft-feeling ball that provides the longest distance in its category. It is designed for golfers who prefer a softer feel and enhanced spin around the green. The innovative new ERC core technology, combined with a low compression urethane cover, creates a high energy transfer rate for more efficient energy transfer to deliver added ball speed and wedge spin.


The Bridgestone E12 is designed to help golfers achieve more consistent distance and accuracy with every shot. The E12\’s new Contact dimples allow for more contact at impact, which helps provide better energy transfer to the ball. This lower-spinning model also helps reduce sidespin, so you can hit it straight and long off the tee box.


The new Titleist Velocity golf ball is designed to provide increased control, distance and feel. Featuring a low-compression urethane cover that delivers soft feel while providing more consistent distance off the tee. The core of the Velocity features high-energy particles that promote faster ball speed on every club for more distance with less effort. With its soft feel, this Tour-proven model is ideal for players seeking improved shot shaping around the green.


TaylorMade\’s Soft Response golf ball utilizes a shallower U-shaped dimple design to decrease drag and increase lift for longer carries. The proprietary dual softness core delivers increased distance on off-center hits, while the low compression urethane cover provides consistent performance in all weather conditions.


The Srixon AD333 is a fantastic golf ball for the price. The low-spin core makes it particularly effective in the wind, and it has a nice soft feel at impact compared to other balls in this price range. It’s also available as a 3 piece ball, but we recommend going with the 2 piece version—it’s just as good and costs less than half as much.

7.HONMA A1 Best Golf Ball For High Handicapers


A great ball for the price, the HONMA A1 is a high quality golf ball that provides excellent distance and soft feel. The A1’s super-soft core is designed to reduce sidespin and therefore slice spin. It features an aerodynamic dimple design with a 392 compression rating. Available in white or yellow color options, it’s suitable for all skill levels of play.


RIFE RX5 is a premium distance golf ball that delivers on the promise of extra speed and distance. The RIFE RX5 core technology is a proprietary blend of three different grades of materials, each with specific characteristics for optimal performance. By combining these three materials in one core, we\’re able to maintain high COR and CRI while also delivering exceptional durability. RIFE RX5 features an aerodynamic 392 dimple pattern that promotes fast speeds and long carry distances while providing excellent control around the green.

9.VOLVIK VIVID Best Golf Ball For High Handicapers


The vivid colour of the Volvik Vivid Golf Ball will help you to see your ball better on the course, so you can hit it further. The vivid colours are designed to enhance visibility for golfers of all skill levels, but especially those who may have difficulty seeing their golf ball during play. The vibrant colours also make this a great option for kids and beginners who want added confidence when hitting the green. These balls feature a urethane cover which provides exceptional durability and distance control.


Mizuno’s RB566 golf ball is designed for players with mid to low swing speeds who want extra hang time. This high-launching, long-distance ball is particularly effective in warm weather conditions. It features a thin cover and soft core that help it fly farther than other balls on the market. The thin cover also provides incredible feel on every shot, while the soft core helps improve playability around the greens.


Srixon Distance is designed for the golfer who has a high swing speed. This ball offers an ultra-soft feel with penetrating distance on full shots and outstanding control around the green. The Distance golf ball features a new, fast core that delivers long distances on full shots and soft landings when approaching pins. It also comes with innovative Dual Dimple Technology for improved aerodynamics and distance off the tee, while its thin cover helps reduce driver spin for more greenside control.


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